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Quite irritated with constantly peeling skin, I decided to try and fix it with a relaxing scrub and a massage to match. (I believe I am acquiring an addiction to spas…hmmm) 

So I took a trip to Wilson st. down to Ki Spa (Neo Day Spa). I was greeted by an accommodating staff who knew in detail their services and its importance (an attribute I seldom see in spa staff, most would always tell you that all of their services are relaxing. sigh) 

I chose the Ginger Body Scrub and the Zen Bodywork package. Details of the treatments are taken from their flyer below:

Ginger Body Scrub – Warming and invigorating. Ginger has been widely used in healing purposes for centuries, penetrating your skin to increase blood circulation while also relieving muscular aches and pains.

Zen Bodywork – Our signature massage is an integration of the traditional concepts and techniques of acupressure massage with western osteopathic and therapeutic massage. This 90 minute therapy aims to free the flow of energy along the meridiens, thereby releasing tension, balancing the body and mind, and normalizing physiological functions.

After choosing your treatment, you need to choose your oil next. They have 5 elemental oils namely, Water, Wood, Earth, Fire and Metal.  Metal, for body aches and muscle pain, was the one I chose for myself. I forgot the benefit of the other oils though.So on with the scrub and the massage. 

The Ginger scrub,  just like any scrub, took out most of my peeling skin and I even smelled real nice after. haha. Zen bodywork is one of the most relaxing and stress relieving massage I have ever experienced. On the first 30-45 minutes, the masseuse would target meridien points, with every point pressured you’d feel your muscles relaxing. Then the oil would come next, similar to swedish massage. It really worked wonders. I don’t feel the need to have a bentosa right now.       


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