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Two weeks ago, Sarsi gave birth to two puppies. One died in still birth and the other lived.

He was a very cute and plump pup. Everyone loved him. Because Sarsi is already 12 years old, she couldn’t provide the puppy with enough milk. So it was me and my sister’s job to prepare canned mother’s milk. She, on the day shift and I , at night.

Since I was always arriving late at home, I could stay up a little while longer until 4am every night.

Feeding time came at 2-hour intervals. So I had the 12 midnight, 2 am and 4 am covered. By that time, 6am was already my sister’s shift and I would get 4 hours sleep and be off to work the next morning. It was physically tough and especially hard that very week at work too. The whole creatives team had to stay up and cram great stuff to reach the deadline. I was drained physically and mentally with only 4 hours sleep in between to recharge my brain and body.

It was dreadful.

And it was easily forgotten, every time I held the puppy and fed him his milk.

He was really cute. Over the course of the week, we noticed how his ears were forming, how his closed eyes got more defined, and how his lips were blackening. The little one was growing in front of us. He really was. He was a really cute puppy.

It was on a thursday, just last week, that we decided to call him FUDGE. Also, linked to a forward excuse to call him “fudgie-wudgie” sometime in the future.

But it was the 2 days after, that changed the puppy’s course, inevitably.

It was 4pm, saturday, the clan’s mooncake festival. After celebrating at my grandparent’s house, we went home to find a sickly puppy. He didn’t look right, I tried to wake him up, he would yawn and then go back to sleep. He didn’t seem right. Nothing did. I tried feeding him, he didn’t want to be fed, he kept pushing away the bottle. My sister decided to bring him to the vet. And when she got back, the vet told her that the puppy was experiencing belly gas (kabag). And he would be alright. We only had to burp him and keep him warm.

Thinking that the problem was minor, as stated by the vet. We went out. Both my sister and I went out to dinner, separately. Then my brother called and told me he was sending the puppy to another vet, because he still wasn’t eating and something’s not right.

An hour after, the puppy died.

He was diagnosed with over-hydration and was supposed to be incubated, but it was too late.

We were all too late.

I am furious at the first vet. They were just too lazy to actually bother and even made us believe that we weren’t caring for him right. If they had been able to diagnose him properly, maybe he would still be with us now.

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