Streaks of Light

When realities happen

Posted on: January 14, 2013

I’ve been married for a year. And I still don’t get this marriage thing.

Why people “love” getting married is a mystery to me. Being able to experience it for a year, leads me to believe that maybe I wasn’t reallycut out for this in the first place. I do have my fair share of i-am-getting-older-when-am-i-getting-married modes, but I have this gutfeel that that feeling isn’t as strong as my i-want-my-freedom moods.

The only thing that kept me together is my dog Peanut. But apart from that, I can say that there is nothing special about being married. The status of being married complicates life. It complicated mine, I should say.

It did get me to leave the house. My childhood home that is still filled with my parents arguments, stubborn headedness and mood swings. All that I exchanged for my husbands own mood swings. god, will these people ever understand that life should just be experienced for what it is, instead of being too cautious about the past or about the future?

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