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Posted on: May 8, 2009

I think reading Osho is helping me survive the month. haha

Yet another excerpt taken from 365 Days of Osho, I wonder why it reminds me of someone haha:

When you live with blind people, live like a blind person.
You cannot change the whole world.

I know bureaucracy exists, but it has to exist because people are absolutely irresponsible. There is no way suddenly to drop the bureaucracy and the court and the law and the police offices. There is no way, because you will not be able to live for a single moment. It is a necessary evil. One just has to learn to live with people who are not alert, who are fast asleep, who are snoring. It may be disturbing to you, but nothing can be done about it.

At the most, the one thing you can do is not to enforce the same bureaucracy that has been forced on our by society. Don’t force it on anybody else. You may have a wife, a husband, children – don’t force it on them or on your friends. That’s all you can do. But you have to live in society and you have to follow the rules.

So don’t just condemn things. Try to understand. There are many evils that are needed; they are necessary. The choice between right and wrong. In real life the choice is always between a bigger and a lesser evil, a bigger wrong and a lesser wrong.

A page extracted from 365 Days of Osho:

Do whatever is needed in life; just remain aloof from it.
Let it happen on the periphery; the center remains unattached to it.

One has to do things, so one goes on doing them, but one should not be disturbed by them. It is exactly an act, a performance. Once this is understood you can be anywhere, in any kind of word and keep your cool; you can keep yourself absolutely uncontaminated.

The problem is that down the ages we have been taight to do good, not do bad, to do this, not to do that. We have been given commandments, do’s and don’ts. I don’t give you any commandment. I’m not concerned with what you do- my whole concern is with your being.

If you are silent, blissful, centered, do whatever is needed to be done, and there is no problem. If you are not centered, if you are not collected, integrated inside, if you are not in a meditative state, then even doing good is not going to help. That’s why so many people who go on doing good are nothing but do-gooders. Their ultimate result is harm.

The emphasis has to be not doing but on being, and being is a totally different phenomenon. It doesn’t matter whether you are an attorney or a doctor or an engineer or a prostitute or a politician; it doesn’t matter what you are doing. All that matters is: Are you centered in your being? And that will change many things.


A wonderful and very timely excerpt. ^_^


Posted on: May 6, 2009

It feels like ending a chapter of an expected open-ended book.

Unseen words are often said with the motivation to prove a point. But what if the point being proved, doesn’t exist? or is truly irrelevant, thus the only real perspective from all of this should come from introspection?

Draining to see and feel the blame coming your way or to another person’s face, simply because the other side doesn’t have anyone else to blame it to. Or the lack of will to blame it on themselves.

Just complicated.

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