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Posted on: August 31, 2008


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Another photo taken months ago.

Had an after lunch coffee break with Jon at the nearby Starbucks. I couldn’t resist trying to capture the dragonfly hovering on the table. (I think I was more challenged trying to take a quick snap with the camera phone, than taking a really nice photo of it, haha).

Yet another bug taken at home on a lazy sunday morning. This was one big ass moth. 

It was more than a month ago when I came to work that day, angsty about an incident at home. Engulfed in my own thunderstorm, I finished unpacking my laptop and looked up.

I saw Mike, my officemate holding up a tiny good morning sign. 

It made me laugh. ^_^

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I don’t like you. 

I don’t like your humor or how you act like you’re so witty but your jokes are just blah to me. 

I don’t like how you deliberately try to not understand people. But hide it all underneath your I-am-trying-to-fix-this-for-everyone face. I assure you, nobody needs your help. We’re just great without you.

Beautiful rage.

If only, it was that easy to let you go and bite every idiot’s head off. 

The past weeks have been stressful. And it was on one thursday morning that I was pushed to my limit, way too much and staged a walkout. 

It was, liberating.

It was the first time, in a very long time, I felt really free.

No idiots to defend my work to, no stupid false deadlines, no bitches who act as though they are god’s gift to the world, no responsibilities, none.

Just me and freedom, sharing a beer during lunch.

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