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Posted on: March 26, 2008

I think my writing muse is back.

With a vengeance.

Peeking through my blog calendar, I’ve blogged 11 days this March with a total of 19 entries.

I think I’ve set a new blogging record for myself, at least haha.  

Go blogmuse Go! Haha 

I see through your intentions.
As easy as a puddle on the walk, on a clear day.
You’re stuck here, as I am.
The only difference is I can fly.
You, only believe you can.

You see yourself as a savior,
You see yourself a god.
With the power you used,
You’ve split everything in half.
Just because you can.
When in truth you’ve only dug yourself a hole,
The half of which, you, and only you, is inside it.

So, kiss the sky my friend.
Look up every now and then.
As the day shifts to night,
Open your eyes for the last blue light.
Because,you’ve dug a deep hole,
And only time will tell when darkness falls.


That was what Peter texted me a while ago. He was at work. 

He was right. As always.

(Well not exactly “always” always heh)

“Tinotopak ka nanaman.”

The single line he would say whenever I would go round and round a single undying topic – about work, about life, about boredom, about zen-thinking.

And it was occasionally followed by a…

“Go get some rest. You’re thinking too much.” 

And then I would be left staring.

At the ceiling, on my desk, at the figurines, on my wallpaper, or on whatever that’s accidentally in front of me. 

Blank stare. Restless mind.

Great combination. 


Definitely not the loud kind.      

I have two weeks until my bestfriend’s wedding.  

Two Weeks!!!

Two weeks to rush things around. I just shot their avp the whole day today. My back hurts from it. I’m actually doing a stop-motion animation thingy for the first time. I’ve done wedding avps for my friends, some with live interviews, and the usual photo slideshow-with-a -twist type and it’s usually presented as a gift. I knew I’ve exhausted my avp-ing skills after 5 or so avps (weddings and reunions a like) and the photo or interview thing is becoming too B-O-R-I-N-G, especially when all I have to edit is iMovie. So not your professional editor next door. Haha. 

So, stop-motion it is. I already picked out a 3 charming songs, two of which are taken from the Juno soundtrack: All I want is you (Barry Polisar) & Anyone else but you (The Moldy Peaches) . The 3rd is from the The Be Good Tanyas – The Littlest things.   I hope it works. *crosses fingers* >.<

Found in Shopwise.workshrt.jpg 


On one of the rarest occasions I would buy a stuffed animal, I found a cute, weird looking bird.  


I named him Mozart. ^_^  He doesn’t have wings or “arms” just pudgy feet, I think that’s mostly the reason why I like him very much. Haha.


And he has a brother, my sister bought “Turt.”



Posted on: March 19, 2008

Saw a fantastic display full of toys in Mongkok. I took one picture and didn’t see the the No picture taking sign. At least he didn’t ask me delete this photo. It’s the only one I got. >.<


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A customize your bag store found in Singapore last year. (Again, one of the few photos sets found in my phone camera while I am cleaning out the files.) custom-bag1.jpg custom-bag2.jpgcustom-bag3.jpg custom-bag4.jpg 

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From the last Action Marketing trip in HK, we hunted down the EVISU store in IFC Mall.If only I had enough budget to buy a pair haha. Sigh. Maybe next time.

evisu3.jpg evisu2.jpgevisu4.jpg evisu5.jpg

 After salivating over Evisu stuff, a trip down McDonald’s was all it took to rub it all in. 


Limited edition Evisu/McDonalds collaboration jeans. All the employees were wearing it. Can I click my heels and wish I was one of them now? 😛  



Testing my cameraphone’s panoramic shooting capabilities, but the penguins in skates kept moving! haha. They’re really cute, dancing to the Happy Feet theme song. 

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