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Having most recently uploaded photos to my mac (thank god, i finally have time to blog after 2 months of loaded work, yey!)We had a pouring of Porings last January. Each one was packed inside a redundant knapsack that also looked like porings. (Porings are found in Ragnarok the online role-playing game I was once addicted to. They’re cute bouncy mini-monsters, one of the first few first level monsters you will be up against. But because of the cuteness, you’ll most likely let them by bouncing away, unless of course you’re collecting items. hehe. poring5.jpgporing3.jpgLooking Upporing4.jpgPoring Tower

Computers. Bah. 

Ironically using one to blog right now, I deem them necessary EVILS.  

They make you so dependent on them that when the thing crashes or even a set of programs (like my whole Adobe line and Freehand) I am totally useless and can’t finish work that’s needed on Monday.  Bah. 

Or, maybe I should blame it to our ever reliable IT (note the sarcasm). Who, knowing that everyone of the creative department is using laptops and is at risk of having programs crashing when working at home and didn’t even think of supplying us with a back-up CD of needed work programs.  

It’s always like this with our IT. She hides behind the excuses and hides behind our region’s IT requirements, PLDT’s slow internet connection and other “slow processes” that she doesn’t have control of. What I hate about all it is that SHE IS THE I.T. and she has no foresight whatsoever on I.T. requirements. (Even making the printer compatible to the network should have been the default requirement when that printer was bought).  I’m getting sick and tired of her excuses.

I’m sure she can’t even fix my laptop come monday. I’m so sure. 

Damned that Tiya Ising.    

February 2008

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