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A spa break to be exact.   I am making a mental note to take trip across Buendia to Relaksasi.Hopefully tom.

Big thanks to 422, Direk rainier, Sonny for making this possible.Manikako is blessed to have people like you ^_^

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01.jpg If there is one doll I like, it’s a manikako.  Manikako means “my doll” in tagalog. As simple as it may sound, a ripple of volunteerism was already heard for the project.Manikako is the flagship project of ArtHOC (House of Comfort Art Network), a non-profit organization that focuses on art as a powerful source of empowerment. Inspirational and hopeful dolls are packaged in a design-it-yourself kit, so you can customize the doll to your liking. For every successful manikako booth, selling a D-I-Y doll kit, proceeds immediately fund free art workshops to poor kids.Right now, Retaso mo, Manikako! the campaign is ongoing. Donations boxes are located in RCBC (3rd Floor), Ateneo Manila, U.P. Diliman, Lourdes School and Your Masterpiece (Libis). Just donate fabrics, old clothes, ribbons, sewing materials, old carton boxes, threads, needles and other accessories. All of these will give life to a new Manikako. ^_^

Working too close to “dolls” these days had me thinking about the time they were given to me almost all the time.

Being the first grand daughter to come out after 4 generations of men, everyone, by default, gifted me life-like dolls on every occasion. Having conservative relatives (or at least they knew that I had conservative parents) they followed only one equation when it came to gifts: Girls = dolls and pink stuff. 

As a kid, I never liked dolls. Animal stuffed toys, yes. Baby-like dolls that had eyes that opened and closed with a tilt, lips so red and ruffled clothes, no. Every time I would be gifted by a new doll, a cabbage patch, or even porcelain ones, I would always tug at my mom to tuck them away. 

They were all lined up at the top shelf of the cabinet. I would look away each time I would open that cabinet. Imagine a dozen dolls leering at you as you opened the large doors.

As I grew my own stuffed toy animal kingdom in my bedroom, the dolls on the shelf were slowly given away to young girls who would love them more than our storage did.  

Up to now, I still don’t like them – those porcelain dolls. Still creepy, still the same, lifeless but life-like things.   

I am officially obsessed with the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack. I love it. Every bit.

The score is unbelievable. I could listen to it every minute. Maybe it’s because I love hearing english accents sung in songs, especially in musicals. Or maybe, it’s simply because of Johnny Depp. Haha. 

I would love to be in a musical. I wanted to be in one ever since I was a kid. Singing was one of my first loves. It just got pushed further away in the background as new things came up like computers, design and sports among other things. That, plus the fact that I didn’t think I could act. Oh well. Maybe in another lifetime. Or maybe, just maybe, one of these days…

I think I’m starting to like it here. ^_^

I’ve changed the template a number of times and settled down with a brown one with those graphic leafy things above. I’m giving myself 2 weeks to get bored and change to a new one. haha.

The widgets are nice, nothing spectacular, but easily workable. (better than the other blog I used to have – I hated changing templates there.)


A while ago, I had two cysts behind my right ear removed. Sebaceous cysts as the surgeon called them. Last year I had a large one too, had it removed but that one had a serious infection. This time, the surgeon wanted to biopsy the darn things. I’m really hoping for good news. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me. (well except for, maybe, too much stress at the start of the year.)

With the anesthesia worn off, I can already feel the slight sting and a headache coming in. But lucky me, I still have to slave my ass off tonight. Our internet connection at the office sucks really bad, so I really have to be done with 2 storyboards by tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to risk it. (sigh, the things I do…)

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